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I'm a recent computer science graduate in search of a full-time opportunity to leverage my development skills, creativity, and passion for technology to create solutions for complex business needs.

Software & Web Developer

Listed below are a few details about myself, including my educational/professional experience.

  • Age:
  • City: Cranston, RI
  • Phone: (978) 888-3925
  • Resume: Found Here
  • Availability: Full-Time
  • Education: Computer Science (BA)

I have a lot of hobbies that I like to enjoy when I have the opportunity. Music production is something I've grown quite fond of, as it allows me to utilize my creativity in an artistic way rather than an objective way. I've been actively working on music projects since 2017.

I'm also an avid gamer, mostly playing classic Valve titles on my PC in my free time. My interest in video games, along with Valve's large developer-friendly community has inspired me to create small coding projects that enhance my own personal in-game experiences.

Through my internship and subsequent position at American Ecotech, I had the opportunity to prove my adaptability in multiple capacities, including data acquisition and management as well as company-wide IT and Security. I'm looking forward to using my passion for technology, flexibility, and strong desire to learn to contribute to a development team where I can add value and grow as a developer.

Programming Languages

These are the most commonly-used programming languages in my repertoire. Some languages I have been actively learning by myself since high school, while others I have picked up from my time in college and work experiences.

HTML 7 years
CSS 7 years
JavaScript 6.5 years
Shell/Bash 5.5 years
Python 5 years
Java 3 years
C/C++ 5.5 years
SQL 1.5 years


Listed below are some pieces in my professional portfolio. These projects were collected over a course of five years, and utilize multiple different languages and frameworks. Some of the featured projects are from my time in college, while others I have already implemented in a professional environment.

Pathfinder Simulation (w/ GUI)

C++ program that utilizes multithreaded processing and a GUI application to run a pathfinding simulation. This project was created for my Operating Systems course.

uBasic Interpeter

An interpeter written in Python to interpret and execute simple uBasic operations. The interpreter was able to work with simple mathematical statements or basic functions.

CSV File Parser

A text-formatting program that would parse client CSV files, extract necessary information, and automatically export them for monthly reports.

AQMesh Web Application

A web application used to display air quality information for AQMesh clients. I used the NodeJS framework to develop the front and backend, as well as a MySQL server for data processing.

UwU++ Python Interpreter

A recreation of the UwU++ interpreter written in Python (originally written in Haskell). I created this as a final project for my Programming Language Implementation course.

Scripting Assignment

Basic programming assignment involving recursion, bash scripting, and the Linux file system. Recursive functions were written in C++, while my bash script parsed various files throughout my Ubuntu VM.


Below is a summarized version of my current resume. If you're interested in seeing more, a full copy is available on the About page!


Nick Tansino

Creative and deadline-driven Developer with 1 year of experience designing and developing web-hosted data reporting software from initial concept to final product.

  • Cranston, RI
  • (978) 888-3925


Bachelor of Computer Science (BA)

2017 - 2021

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Explored theoretical and implementation aspects of data structures and algorithms, and examined complex computational problem-solving techniques using object-oriented programming languages.

High School Diploma

2013 - 2017

Cranston High School West, Cranston, RI

Through the Interactive Digital Media program at Cranston West, I spent four years exploring Web Design/Development. This program helped me discover my desire to become a software developer and pursue computer science in college.

Professional Experience

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Jan 2022 - July 2022

American Ecotech/Ambilabs, Warren, RI

  • Researching, documenting, and updating current requirements for CMMC certifications.
  • Creating web-based software solutions for customers and managing data-logging systems.
  • Working with leadership and consultants to manage company CRM system.
  • Managing, upgrading, and servicing company IT assets as needed.

Environmental Systems Technician

June 2021 - Dec 2022

American Ecotech/Ambilabs, Warren, RI

  • Onboarded to full-time after summer internship following graduation.
  • Serviced and repaired gas and particulate analyzers for customers.
  • Assisted in building custom air monitoring enclosures.
  • Creating operation manuals and other relevant documentation for custom builds.


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Cranston, RI 02921


+1 (978) 888-3925

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